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Red Clay Hot Sauce

Red Clay Hot Sauce has an extensive line of authentic hot sauces and honey ranging from mild to spicy. Shop Red Clay Hot Sauce at Edible Marketplace today!

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Red Clay Hot Sauce

Red Clay Hot Sauce blends quality ingredients, balanced flavors, and time-tested, handcrafted techniques to create an extraordinary line of hot sauces, honey, seasonings, and more designed to enhance the flavor of foods, not mask them. Handcrafted in a South Carolina town, Red Clay Hot Sauce uses just a few ingredients, all sourced from farmers in neighboring states. Created by Chef Geoff Rhyne, Red Clay Hot Sauce is a must-have for upping the flavor profile of your favorite dishes.

Red Clay Hot Sauce: Built on a Reverence for Tradition

The story of Red Clay Hot Sauce didn’t begin in a kitchen, but in the red clay fields of Georgia where Chef Geoff Rhyne spent his childhood exploring farms and getting dirty alongside his grandparents. Out of these experiences grew a reverence for tradition, hard work, and fresh foods. In adulthood, Geoff worked in the most esteemed kitchens throughout the United States, advocating for whole, slow foods and exploring ways to achieve the perfect balance of tradition and innovation. It was while he was working on an oyster dish in Charleston, South Carolina that his signature sauce was born. This delectable Fresno blend changed the oysters, enhancing their flavor without stealing the spotlight, and it became so beloved by patrons that they’d steal it off the plate and stash it in their bags. Geoff began exploring ways to bottle his signature sauce flavor for the enjoyment of long-time hot sauce lovers as well as new converts – those who previously thought they didn’t like hot sauce but discovered a newfound love for the added flavor enhancements the right hot sauce can add to a variety of dishes. To make his signature sauce available to the masses, Geoff partnered with one of the original hot sauce converts, Molly Fienning, who co-founded the brand with Geoff and became the company’s CEO. Molly has pioneered the expansion of Red Clay Hot Sauce across the United States and launched the recently released line of Red Clay honeys.

Red Clay Hot Sauce Offers Tantalizing Flavor Enhancements

While it was Geoff’s signature sauce flavor that launched the brand, Red Clay Hot Sauce now offers a line of irresistible hot sauce flavors, from Habanero Hot Sauce to Verde Hot Sauce, Carolina Hot Sauce, and more. The company also offers a line of honeys including Southern Honey, Hot Honey, and Hot-Hot Honey, as well as Hot Honey with Honeycomb, Hot Jelly, and more. All of Red Clay’s hot sauces are cold-pressed, fermented, and barrel-aged, and the company’s honeys are 100% raw, pure, and absolutely delicious to enhance the flavor of your favorite dishes, whether you’re looking to add a little bit of heat or a little bit of sweet.

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