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Love Gifts

Make a lasting impression on the one you love with a gift from Edible Arrangements®. Our I Love You Gifts collection is the perfect way to say “I Love You” in a unique (and delicious) way.

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I Love You Gifts

Celebrate your love with I Love You Gifts that express your love in creative and delicious ways. You can take the more traditional approach with a box of chocolate Dipped™ strawberries. Or, if you want to try something new, check out our fruit-only arrangements that include beautiful displays of pineapple shapes, cantaloupe and honeydew spears, and grape sticks. This is your chance to make a big impression on the one you love, so choose from the variety of different shapes and assortments in our I Love You Gifts collection to say “I Love You” in a unique (and delicious) way.

Edible® Fruit Arrangements

When the time comes to say, “I Love You,” there are many ways to say it with Edible Arrangements®. For a loved one that is not so into chocolate, you can take advantage of our large assortment of Edible® fruit arrangements in our I Love You Gifts collection. All of our Edible® fruit arrangements are unique and feature brightly-colored fruits and different shapes. You’ll show your loved one a deeper level of care through the pineapple and cantaloupe flowers, which shows that you put more thought into this gift and paid attention to the small details.

Gifts That Show You Care

If you want to send love to a favorite grandparent, your soon-to-be spouse, or anyone else you adore, there are so many different gifts that show you care. A fruit arrangement is something that everyone can enjoy. If they’d prefer something decadent, a box of Full of Love Berries in a box that says, “I Love You” hits just the right note.

Just Because I Love You Gifts

You don’t need a special reason to tell someone that you love them and are thinking of them. You can send I love you gifts just because, any time that you think of them or feel the urge to let them know how you feel. Choose an arrangement with chocolate Dipped™ pineapple hearts to show them that you think they’re sweet and let them know they’re loved. Seeing this display arrive at their door will cause instant delight.

I Love You Gifts for Wife

Looking for a new way to let your wife know she’s always going to be the one? Send her a bunch of heart-shaped bright pink, white, and red balloons that say, “I Love You” both literally and metaphorically. Balloons make a great gift on their own, but they’re even better when you combine them with a fruit arrangement that features their favorite chocolate Dipped Fruit™.

I Love You Gifts for Husband

Instead of buying him another tie or pair of socks, choose from our selection of I love you gifts that will delight his taste buds, too. Our collection of I love you gifts for husbands reinvents the classic anniversary, appreciation, or birthday gift with brightly colored fresh fruit pieces carefully cut into festive shapes. You don’t need a reason at all to show your husband that you love him with a fresh fruit gift.

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